Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Celebs and their Hybrids

So,l the other day I was indulging in my worst habit, reading gossip blogs, when I came across a story about Ashton Kutcher buying his wife(Demi Moore) a Prius for her birthday. My first thought was, with all his money, he went with a Prius?? Not that I don`t love them, I think the 2010`s are awesome, but why not a designer handbag, a nice piece of jewelry, or a trip to some remote island? So then I started thinking, I wonder how many other celebs are taking a step towards helping the environment by purchasing a hybrid vehicle? The list is huge! Some names included were, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Will Ferrel, Alicia Silverstone, and Brad Pitt. Also Miley Cyrus just traded in her mom`s Porche for a Prius! I found over 50 celebrities that drive the Toyota Prius and countless more who have turned in their luxury cars for hybrids. I think it`s very telling that these celebrities who could drive just about anything choose to drive Hybrids!!

“It gets 52 miles per gallon. In the city. Isn't that exciting?”- Cameron Diaz

"I absolutely love our Prius. In addition to being obviously economical and environmentally friendly, they drive great and are just plain sexy. There’s no reason all Americans shouldn't’t be driving hybrid cars."- Will Ferrell

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